It’s always the simple things that grab my lens and beg to be captured. I think it’s where true beauty lies … in the simplicity of life.



This guy lives with two other Jays in the trees behind my deck.  They are the loudest things when the sun starts to set that it starts to sound like a singing contest.  All the wild birds around here love to holler at sundown but these Jays take it to the next level.  Still – I can’t help but love them.  I think this is the juvenile of the group, but it’s hard to tell from this angle.

IMG_3197 - Copy

Tiny little guy – been trying to catch him for ages

I finally got a few pics of the hummingbirds that come by my backyard around this time of year but they are SO fast and I’m taking photos from quite a distance away using a 70-300 telephoto lens so getting a clear shot is a trial!  By the time my camera finds him pulls the shot into focus, he’s off to another flower.  This one is blurry but I loved the artistic effect it turned out with so….may I introduce you to my little, very fast, camera-shy hummingbird friend.  🙂

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Elegance in form and motion

I visited a city not far from where I live that is well known for its bird population.  There is a freshwater river that flows through town that is home to all kinds of feathered beauties.  I’ll post some favourites here, but will keep it to a few per post so they’re easier to see in my feed.

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IMG_3024 - Copy

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