Afternoon Nap

Pure love and cuddles. Best friends, Jack and Daisy, sharing an afternoon nap.



2 thoughts on “Afternoon Nap

  1. I had a non-pure-bred Maine Coon. His name was Cosmo, and he weighed almost 20 pounds. He came with us to Florida, but a snake or a poisonous frog (Buffo) got him and he died about a year after we moved in. I was heartbroken, and that’s when I got Bowtie – the replacement cat. Though Bowtie is now the love of my life as well, she will never replace Cosmo. He was a very cool cat.


    • 😀 I didn’t know you had a Maine Coon! Such amazing cats..I’m sorry you lost him. I lost my tabby (23 year old!) in the fall. Daisy, the little tortie in the pics is Jack’s new best friend.


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