A blanket of white 

To me, the prettiest winter photos can be found after a fresh snow fall.  

An American friend of mine, after seeing some other Canadian photos online, once asked me,

“What is it about Canadians?  Do you all like take picture of snow?”  

I wasn’t sure what he meant since half the year snow is pretty much just *outside*. Lol 

Glowing autumn 🍂 

Sometimes I just stand there and stare. I’ve been on this planet for 41 years and still, every single year, the colours of fall stun me. It’s like the trees start to glow with a radiance that only nature is capable of producing.  


My favourite hobby and form of meditation to calm my mind is digital art. I love playing with photos and making them into something unreal that still holds into the beauty that compelled me to capture the photo in the first place.