Stormy Weather

She comes running in, we’re all on fire! She says so hysterically; I’m in the shower; she says save the water. 

I can be on best behaviour; I’m not afraid of stormy weather. – lyrics, Stormy Weather by Nina Nastasia

Day trip

The weather went from snow to summer this weekend and we jumped at the chance to soak up a little sunshine and took a day trip to a neighbouring, lovely little town. There is much history in this place (as much as you can get in a relatively young country like Canada) so I took advantage of the opportunity and got some shots of the crumbly buildings before they erode back into the earth. 

The mill was undoubtedly my favourite. 



Something new for 2016

I have always loved art, and I’ve always tried to express myself creatively. I was a music major through most of school and enjoy writing, playing, listening to, creating, singing, and sharing music in every day life.

I also quite enjoyed visual arts.  Sadly, I was not blessed with any talent in creating beauty in that way but then,  one day I, discovered that I could create art through my camera. When I see something that stops my breath for a moment and I find myself lost in its beauty, it’s really cool that I can capture ensure that through a lens and a bunch of pixels on a screen. 

I do a lot of work with my photos, sometimes adding things, sometimes editing, but most of the photos that I like to post I do so unedited because I feel as if I’m compromising the natural beauty of the shot when I alter it. That said, there is still a lot of fun to be had an art to be created through digital editing. I thought I’d share a few of those with you guys here today.  :)

All of these photos were taken by me but have been digitally altered and items added for artistic purposes. 

Thanks for stopping by!