Cedar wetlands. Home. 

Where I am from, wetlands are the main ecosystem.  There is a beautiful wetland reservation ten min from home that I love to explore. Endless trails lead through cedars, birch and beech trees that provide shelter for many indigenous species.  This spot reminds me that silence is not a natural sound in places so full of life. 💕

Forest walks

I love the way the light shines between the leaves and filters down into the forest floor. Many hours of solace have been found in this beautiful place where I tend to look up rather than back. 

Stormy Weather

She comes running in, we’re all on fire! She says so hysterically; I’m in the shower; she says save the water. 

I can be on best behaviour; I’m not afraid of stormy weather. – lyrics, Stormy Weather by Nina Nastasia

Day trip

The weather went from snow to summer this weekend and we jumped at the chance to soak up a little sunshine and took a day trip to a neighbouring, lovely little town. There is much history in this place (as much as you can get in a relatively young country like Canada) so I took advantage of the opportunity and got some shots of the crumbly buildings before they erode back into the earth. 

The mill was undoubtedly my favourite.