The warehouse that holds all of my favourite treasures has some of the creepiest and worst maintained windows I’ve ever seen. Of course it make for a  beautiful picture. 

I don’t even know what this is

 This sculpture has been living at my favourite wandering haunt for years and I don’t even know what it is. It’s going to be made out of some kind of natural  material like sand and it is very intricately carved. The longer you look the more strange it to become a little people seem to take on different attributes as they tell their story.   

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?


While wandering in looking for strange things to appreciate, I came upon this jawbone. I don’t know if it was real but it certainly seemed to be. I absolutely loved it and would’ve bought it but the teeth wiggled in their sockets and something about that made me cringe. 

Cedar wetlands. Home. 

Where I am from, wetlands are the main ecosystem.  There is a beautiful wetland reservation ten min from home that I love to explore. Endless trails lead through cedars, birch and beech trees that provide shelter for many indigenous species.  This spot reminds me that silence is not a natural sound in places so full of life. 💕